Friday, August 17, 2018

"All Hallow's Return" EP release information

 As some may have seen from a few Instagram posts, there is an upload on Spotify of 2 new tunes and a SAMHAIN cover titled "All Hallow's Return". Well, to add a bit of excitement to that, there is in fact a new HOUR OF THIRTEEN release coming very soon of that very title, "All Hallow's Return". This is a CD release limited to 250 hand numbered and PRO PRESSED CDs (definitely NOT CDRs). 6 new tunes and a cover of "I Heard A Scream" by a fairly obscure NC punk band named SUBCULTURE usher in the next era of HOUR OF THIRTEEN's new (original) direction of cryptic atmosphere, heavy tones and nostalgic deathrock.

 And speaking of nostalgic, the above image is the final cover created by Spookywolffe Art madman Reid Britt (of whom I've known for an amazing number of years. The entire layout is a brilliant example of nostalgia, linked back to the 60's/70's style horror/occult creations loved by it's loyal followers. Quite the perfect representation of the music contained within!

An official release date has not yet been set, but this will definitely see the night of day sometime within October 2018 on the THIRTEEN RECORDS label. 50 SPECIAL EDITION versions will be available containing the CD, two button deigns, patch and an exclusive sticker all encased in a black velvet drawstring pouch.

 For now, below are some links to Reid's shops where you can order new shirts and different types of creepy products:


  Eternal gratitude to everyone out there that continue to support HOUR OF THIRTEEN!!

Chad Davis